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Accelerating Web 3.0: DeFi, NFT, GameFi, SocialFi, and Metaverse

The premier, vertically-integrated venture building fund since 2017

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Why LucidBlue?

A-Z Venture Building

Full-spectrum capabilities including strategic investor/cap table construction, token-economic design, market strategy, community building, in-house blockchain infrastructure development, and token issuance and listing execution.

Long-term Investment Horizon 

Unlike the preponderance of investment firms focused purely on passive, speculative, and short-term crypto market dynamics, LucidBlue aims to bridge the brave new world of digital asset innovation into sustainable, commercially-scaled, and enterprise use cases.

Best-in-Class Ecosystem Partners

Including top investment funds, listing platforms, Layer 1 & 2 blockchain infrastructure providers, ecosystem alliances, and digital asset exchanges around the world.

About LucidBlue

LucidBlue Ventures is a leading investment firm and venture-building platform focused on capitalising on the disruptive impact of blockchain, digital assets, and digital finance.​

LucidBlue has a strong focus on the fundamental infrastructure for Web 3.0 that will enable the emerging DeFi, NFT, GameFi, SocialFi, and Metaverse industries. DeFi and NFT technologies represent the financialization layer for Web 3.0 applications and the emerging Metaverse, allowing digital assets to turbo-charge the development of new digital economies driven on innovative tokenomics business models.

The first digital revolution was catalysed by the rapid commercialisation of the Internet over two decades ago. The Internet allowed for the digitisation of information, resulting in radical business model innovations that has disrupted traditional businesses across all industries and formed completely new blue-ocean markets.


The next digital revolution, driven by blockchain technologies, enables the digitisation of value across all asset classes. This allows for brand new forms of financialising and transacting value that will drive the digital economies of the future.

About LucidBlue
"$24 trillion in digital assets will deployed by 2027, roughly one-fourth of the world’s money supply ."
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